I'm back!

I'm so excited! About 2 days ago, we heard my aunt, after struggling with horrid endometriosous, is going to have a baby! The bad news-she lives on the other side of the world, Italy to be exact. How come it seems so close on a map and so far in reality? The good news is she'll be here for a couple weeks in the beginning of April. It's always exciting to me to have a new baby around. I'm the oldest of 7 and from personal experience, I could tell you two quite true things about babies and little kids. 1) the get on your nerves, in your way and cause throbbing headaches and 2) you would hate to have it any other way. It's always the ones closest to you who seem to anger you the quickest. As I speak, or rather write, for example, my 7-year-old brother is singing the National Christian Choir's "Yes, Lord" at the top of his lungs. It's a great track, don't get me wrong, just not at 10 PM after the washing machine's been broken and you've been up and down the street 4 times with dirty/clean laundry and your stressed because you didn't check off that list and on top of all that your praying day in and day our for a newly pregnant aunt! Life in my house is never dull. In fact, it's invigoratingly interesting. You might even say WILD. But I love it!! For more read my mom's blog: Art's Chili. visit this site to see some of the NCC's soundtracks. http://nationalchristianchoir.org/ I've yet to hear one I don't like. But my top favorite albums would be Praise Him, and The Heart of a Child. You should check them out if you like music that gets your toes tapping!

Just Starting!

I'm always good about trying new things: avacado, stuffed crab, quiche, or wrining a blog. My Mom discovered blogging accidentally about 2 months ago. Since then she's been hooked (search for art's chili)! She started a wildfire and here I am! I can't take more time to write just yet-I'll try to pick up later.