"We're in a WAR here!!!"-Pastor Travis Jones This past week, my church had a Mission's Conference. This means a missionary comes and preaches on Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday evening, and on Sunday morning. his four messages were 1) The Warfare On this evening, Brother Travis pointed out that we are in a war. Not against ourselves, and not against the devil but against time. Time is running out for us to reach the world and in order to follow God's command, we have to get on the ball!!!! 2) The Conflict This night, we learned of the greatest distraction in this aforementioned war-US.
Don't you think it's sad that the biggest hinderence to obeying the God-given command to tell the World is ourselves?
3) The Commander When pastor Jones preached this evening he told all about our commander and what He expects from us. The first thiing he expects is instant and perfect obedience. 4) We Must Have a Sense of Urgency On this night he taught that we must be ready for when Christ comes back- which is any minute!!!!!!! Dear reader, Are YOU Ready? if not here's how you can prepare. A) Aloow God to prick your heart and Acknowledge that you are a sinner. B) Believe that Jesus (who IS God) died for you C) Confess with your mouth (pray) that you have done wrong, trangressed against a holy and righteous Judge HE'S READY TO FORGIVE YOU!!!
My parents just left last night. For 5 days. They went to the Caribbean. My Pa, being the great man and hard worker that he is, was nominated one of the top 5% in his company in the COUNTRY!!! We were all so proud of him! Well, here we are on day 2. My Aunt left my Uncle in Italy (he's in the U.S.Navy) and came to watch us. On Wednesday morning, at 3 AM, I woke up to say goodbye to them. As it turns out, most of the family came in! My aunt, all three of my sisters, and one of my brothers came as well!!!!! We all helped gather together last minute items, and chatted to Mom and Pa. Brianna, the oldest of my younger sisters, made a breakfast of apples, oranges, and fresh coffee. To round out the early-morning experience, my Uncle (the one that doesn't live halfway across the world) that slept on the couch in our basement for the night, came up to drive my parents to the airport. We laughed yawned and generally had a good time. But it went too fast. In a whirlwind, of kisses hugs and prayers and tears from the baby, they were gone. It was the first time they ever went away where I actually felt, well, like crying. maybe it was because I was tired, maybe it was because they've never left for another country. Either way the rest of that morning was spent in prayer and restlessness. We all had a nice nap that afternoon, however. At 8 AM we received a text message announcing that they had landed in Miami (their flight change) safely. We let out a ling sigh of relief and prayed for their over the ocean flight to St. Kitts island. To pass the time we worked vigorously on chores and having our "circle time" (aka preschool). By 2:00 PM they were safe and sound. I gave a prayer of thanks. And we went to the library after naps to celebrate. The day ended with all of us in bed on time.