My Fab Family Friday Wk 3

This week's Fab Family Friday is about my sister, Brianna.
loves exercise
(and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred)
a good baker
a even better cook
lover of God
strong (just like her name)
an excellent seamstress
loves to relax
great with a joke
artistically inclined
a wonderful prankster
a great pianist
my little (by birth, not size;)) sister and
My Best Friend.


Week 5 of the One Thing I Did This Week... challenge

One thing I did this week was... completed my summer reading program for the library!
I read for over 20 hours and read 16 books.
Another thing I did, in fact I'm still doing, is introducing myself to beading.
I've made 2 cuff bracelets, a necklace and a pendant.
I've run myself out of beads!
Here are some pics of my handmade "jewels". Pendant
Cuff Bracelet 1

Cuff Bracelet 2


Fab Family Friday! week 2 (of a TBD # of weeks)

This week's Fab Family Friday subject is my Mother. My Mom Is: Beautiful, Creative, Artistic, a Culinary Genius, Organized, In Charge, Willing to Sacrifice, Always Helping, Caring, Relaxed, Enjoying Life, Fun-Loving (just for you, Miss Hope), Amazing, Admirable, Lovely, a Lady (in every sense of the word), Hopeful, Determined, a Home-maker, Domestic Goddess Supreme (thank you Aunt Diann), Gentle, Attentive, Flexible, God-Fearing, Brave, and last, but certainly not least, my Mom.


One thing I did this week was... week 4

There were many things we did last week that were notable. But the thing that I want to write about is how we made our own Narnia costumes. We pooled our clothes, dress-up and accessories of both clothes and dress-up. after this we took leftover pipe insulation and made quivers for our arrows. After vigorous game of Narnia: Prince Caspian, in which we even had a sneak attack on Miraz's castle (just like in the movie!) We had some target practise. And a snack, of course!


Fab Family Friday! Week 1 (of a TBD # of weeks)

The subject of the first week of the Fab Family Friday! will be my Pa. Pa is... Silly!
Pa Is ...
DevotedPa is... handy

Pa is... Relaxed

And if there's one thing I know he's NOT it's this:

Pa is not... A chicken!

Please join me in telling our family members, one by one, how much we really apprecietate them!


The Vocabulary of a 6-year-old

...is not what you'd expect!
My brother Aedan is only 6, and he shares my love of words.
In fact, he consistently uses the words 'various', 'consumed', 'expect', and 'reply'.
He actually named the kid's bathroom the "Bathroom of Various Noises"!
(Which proves he's observant, too!)
Aedan loves to dance even more than he does words.
He gets his arms waving and his legs flying and his torso twisting.
I've been trying to share my little bit of what I remember from my earlier dancing days, but he's not shown much interest in anything but freestyle!
His absolute favorite song to dance to, is Sandra Boynton's "Philadelphia Chickens".
If your looking for some silly songs for car trips with the kids, but you're sick of veggie tale and Wee sing cassettes, try one or all of Sandra Boynton's 4 Cd's.
They make great listening for kids and parents, and you'll all be laughing at her great musical imagination. Try visiting her "official" fan website. You'll crack up!
just for fun, I'll put up one of Ms. Boynton's cute drawings up now.
If you're interested, I thought I'd set up a fun blog day, like "Not Me Mondays", "Works for Me Wednesdays", or "True Story Tuesday". But mine would be "Fab Family Friday". And here's how it would work. every Friday, you would pick a member of your family. then, nothing fancy here, you would make a list of words that describe that person. Rules? Well, the words, "nice" and "fun" aren't allowed. otherwise, have a blast! If you like this idea, please leave a comment.


To get away from it all...

I've just noticed something. I use many ellipsis's. Is that proper plural for an ellipsis? I tend to leave sentences unfinished... ;) But really what this post is about is getting away from it all in the great outdoors. Camp was not what I expected it to be. I mean, I knew it would be fun, but what actually came was more than I expected. Which is always a lovely surprise! Even though I was on every, committee in the camp Wachter society (or so I thought) there were quite a few things I didn't know about until I read through the schedule Friday morning! My favorite part of camp, was the making of bows and arrows (read my last post for more on this). But even more than that, I loved the time we spent away from the hustle and bustle of our busy bee lifestyle, so common in this world, and just focused on family, God and His Creation. Our yard has many trees. In fact, about 2/3 rd's of our 2-acre property is woods. And we have dug up rocks in our yard the size of a cantaloupe-mostly white quartz, which is a lovely stone rough or cut. Our soil is mostly reddish-brown clay and stains EVERYTHING. We have grass that comes up late, but stays green in the hot, dry months. And we have extensive gardens. Not like a Georgia estate in the 1800's, but extensive for our little rancher home. (to see these gardens see mom's blog or you can just click here: http://artschilipepper.blogspot.com/2009/07/week-11-of-52.html#comments) wow that's long!... Now, what I was saying was that the other day I was sitting on mom's deck. And I was looking up at the huge trees around our home. My thoughts went to Noah's ark. I closed my eyes and tried to picture my whole yard under miles of water. The hills we sled down every year being carved by particles of dirt being stirred up by torrents of rain and massive waves, flooding, and even mudslides afterward. i thought of all the trees in my yard that wouldn't have even been there and if they had, they would have been torn up by the aforementioned vicious hydraulics (if you don't know look it up- you might learn something{boy do I sound like I was home schooled or what!?}). Try doing this some time in your yard, if you never have before. Not only do you once again stand in awe of God's might power, judgement, and mercy toward Noah, you'll wow at the power of water. think of the Grand canyon! I've heard Christian science teachers (Young Earth Creationists, such as Kent Hovind) who teach that the Gigantic canyon was carved by flood waters in about 20-30 minutes! (Watch Kent Hovind's Scientific Creationism Seminar video 6) WOW! Our God is Awesome!(try looking this one up,too, it's fascinating!)


Week 3 of the One thing I did this week summer challenge

I love Narnia. since i first read the books, i have been one of the biggest Narnia fans. All of us have Narnian nicknames, here's how they run-
My parents are Polly Plummer and Digory Kirke
I'm Susan Pevensie
Brianna is high king Peter Pevensie (we ran out of girls)
Emma is Lucy Pevensie- and really is very much like her
Nathaniel is Caspian "10th of that name, who some call Caspian the Navigator"
Aedan is Edmund Pevensie. he really is "the Just"
Samuel is Eustace Clarence Scrubb
Ellie is Jill Pole
...and Emma's friend Grace is Aravis.
If you have a favorite Narnia book or Character please leave me a comment and tell me so!
Here is my favorite pic of the four sovereigns of Cair Paravel (the Pevenise kids in their castle)
L to R: King Edmund the Just; High King Peter the Magnificent; Queen Susan the Gentle; Queen Lucy the Valiant But this post isn't about Narnia- not really, I mean.
It's about one thing I did this week. Which actually is related to what I went on about earlier.
Because I'm called Queen Susan, I like to try to be like her. I'm working on the "Gentle" part. But for now I'm focusing on another of her traits. Archery. I've always loved bows and arrows. even before I ever held a real one in my hands. I think it's the glamour of knights and damsels in distress, ladies and battles, castles and royalty (what girl doesn't want to be the beautiful princess?). When the local home school branch of our Public school system, told my family they were organizing a home school archery class, we all jumped at the idea. Finally my chance to really be a Queen Susan! in consequence of that class, we purchased a bow and target and a generous leader of the home school branch donated four arrows. Every once in a while, we would pull the set out of the shed and practise. We weren't good at all, well, except Pa.
One more thing you must understand before I tell you of what we did this week- grab on and hang with me here!:)
For weeks, my family had all worked together to plan a weekend of "Camp Wachter". We were going to have a weekend away from it all. cell Phones, computers, i pods, blackberrys (pa's mini computer/cell) all left behind. We didn't answer the telephone and only came indoors for the restroom and to retrieve items from the extra basement refrigerator that needed to stay cold, milk for example. (this is roughing it in my family). For four days, we had fun activities and devotions. One of these activities was...
(Now i have arrived at my main topic!- drum roll, please...)
Making bows and arrows! all of our very own!
Here's Aedan trying out his.
Now that we can all practise together we've put so many holes into the target that Mom said we may have to buy a new one soon! To make your own real bow and arrows you need:
  • 40" length of PVC piping
  • nylon string
  • colored electrical tape
  • 6"of pipe insulation
  • 2- !8" long dowel rods
  • 2 rubber eraser pencil toppers
  • scissors
  • small saw
  • adult supervision- even for "big kids"
  • a helper (preferably the adult that is supervising)
  1. First take your PVC and cut notches about 1" long and deep enough to cut through to the hollow center. They should be opposite each other about 1" from each end of the piping. Cut identical ones on the other side.
  2. Decorate your bow with the electrical tape. Many different design schemes can be used.(This is where your imagination can have fun!)
  3. Now take your nylon string(still on the roll) and tie one end securely, making sure the string rests tightly in the notches on either side.(This keeps the string from sliding on the PVC)
  4. Have your helper hold onto the bow with both hand near the end, but leave enough room for you to work. Have them bend the bow so it takes it proper shape. while they hold it tie the other end of the string so tight that it makes a clear "twang" when plucked.
  5. take your pipe insulation, and slit it lengthwise on one side. wrap it tightly round the center of the bow handle. hold it in place with electrical tape.
  6. your bow is complete so make some arrows! take your dowel rods and decorate them, too. we used the electrical tape in the same color and design as our bows. markers and stickers can be used also. Be sure to leave one end clear of any tape or stickers.
  7. On the end you left clear, make a tiny notch in the center. this is where you will place your arrow on the string to shoot. this should be done by and older kid or adult, because of the use of a razor knife.
  8. place eraser toppers over the other end of your arrows and practise, practise, practise. And make sure to play safe. Don't ever point at anything moving! Not only are moving targets harder to hit, they're usually something you don't want to hit! (people, pets, cars, etc.) also be sure that your shooting area is clear before you shoot. Never shoot toward a road or house. f you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close, try an empty field or ask a local farmer if he has a field you could practise in.(by the way, trees make excellent targets.)

thanks for reading and have fun!


Week 1 for me...2 of the challenge

Berries, berries, berries!!!
If you've never read the children's book (published by Rod and Staff) titled, Berries, berries, berries, than I would highly recommend it! To day reminded me of that particular book as we picked blueberries on a local farm. we picked nearly 20 lbs of the biggest roundest juiciest blue berries I've ever tasted! they're just coming ripe this week, and next, and the 3' high bushes were absolutely loaded with fruits. Our own blueberry bushes are just getting a few. Most of them are yet green, but a few are slowly changing colour.
Those who were old enough to pick enjoyed doing so.
But Ellie, who is only 1 yr. old, had a different idea of how to spend her time...
Needless to say she very much enjoyed her quick snack. Until she tipped Mom's bucket quite accidentally on the grass! We were able to save most of them. Tonight we had the most scrumptious blueberry crumble. If I can find the recipe, I try to post it tomorrow. it was fairly easy to make. And baking is always a fun family project in our home. Just a little of what I did this week...


Simply Summer!

Summer is simple. I think that's what i like best about it. It's the dog days of summer that i love. Lazy afternoons, sleepy evening and holiday picnics, family getting together, and having my friends in for movies, games, or to play badmiton. Life doesn't have to be complicated. Mom has always taught me that. Life can be simple and that's okay. You don't have to rush up down left right forward reverse upide down, right side up. Sometimes it's best to just lay on a hillside and see if you can find shapes in the clouds. A favorite pastime of mine is storytelling. When Emma's friend, Grace, comes over to spend the night, I tell stories, late into the night. Bible, grimm's, the Arabian Nights, Hans' Christian Andersson or other classics. Sometimes i make them up myself. A favorite among the kids is Grimm's the Truthful Fairy, sometimes called The 13 Doors. It's a great story for teaching the importance of truth and the consequences of lying. Oh! another great source of sories is The Story Girl by L.M.Montgomery the author of Anne of Green Gables. In case you were wondering this book isn't just for girls. In fact the narative is from a boy's, Beverly's, point of view. (It make great summer reading!) If you look along my side bar, I made a list of my favorite books for summer or anytime. I've labelled them with reccomended minimum age. I encourage you to check them out @ your local library. Enjoy!