If you've seen the Vision Forum catalog for 2012, you will see that the theme of the new year is "Women and Children First", and is a tribute to the Titanic, and the souls lost there, as well as the Biblical principles of bravery, love, and chivalry. In fact,if you click on this page,   it has a list of their products in remembrance of the great tragedy (as well as a few that seem entirely unrelated-so goes computer searches...) .

Unsinkable, by Elizabeth Rose and Bree, is a fully Titanic-focused blog. These lovely ladies are hosting a giveaway of a lovely necklace this month. Hurry...there are only a few days left to enter! (click here to read all about it).   You can, by following instructions, enter up to 9 times! Here is a picture of the prize:

Isn't it a beauty?

Blessing for the New Year!