Meet Anna of Maiden Voyage- Button Swap Post

Miss Bree (who you can read about here) asked me to take part in a Button Swap she is hosting. And my assigned partner was:

Miss Anna


Miss Anna and I interviewed each other. Here are my question and her answers. So get to know this lovely lady.

What is your favorite topic to blog about?
Probably pictures. I love to take pictures and share them; I’m not a huge writer.

What is your number one choice of beverage?
Sweet tea! I don’t like soda.

What's your favorite hymn?
Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted, the tune is absolutely beautiful, has inspiring words, and is full of energy.

Do you enjoy walking in the woods or a field more?
I get rather claustrophobic in the woods, so I would say a field, with wild flowers but no bees. I’m terrified of bees.

Describe yourself in less than 30 words. 
Oh boy, I don’t want to sound prideful or inaccurately describe myself. So hear it goes: I’m a girl who loves to travel, meet new people, read, watch movies, learn, sew, take pictures, enjoy time with friends, study theology, listen to music, and laugh.

How did you come to know our Savior? 
I have been raised by incredible godly parents, and never remember a time when I didn’t know him.

What is your funniest childhood memory? 
I’m not really sure. The time when I laughed the most was a trip to Mexico to visit some missionary friends and the husband is by far the funniest person I have ever met. But that’s not really a funny memory. Just not sure.

Do you prefer cake or cupcakes? Why?
I like the way a cupcake is served, but I love the way you can creatively decorate a cake. They taste the same so I enjoy both.

What is the hardest step you've ever taken in your spiritual growth? 
Whenever change comes into my life I cringe. I want things to stay the same. But whenever change does come about, something better comes along that couldn’t have happened if life had stayed the same.

Would you prefer to read a novel or write one?
Definitely read. Writing isn’t my strongest point. I love to let my mind wander to new places and circumstances in books.

Would you rather live in a big city or in the middle of nowhere? Why?
How about in the middle? : ) But if I had to choose… probably a big city. I get too scared of being alone and being kidnapped, or attacked, or dying of a snake bite in the middle of nowhere. Despite being noisy in a city at least there is a hospital near by.

What's your favorite activity to do with your siblings? Listen to hilarious stories of my dad’s growing up years.

Cats or dogs? Why?
That’s hard; I have a cat and a dog that I love very much. I like the cat for cuddling with late at night while I read or watch a movie. But my dog loves me unconditionally and always greets me with a wag in her tail.

Would you describe yourself as introverted, extroverted or a little of both?
I’m really not sure, most people know me as introverted. But in circumstances where I feel comfortable I love to talk and commonly walk up to strangers and introduce myself. Yet if I don’t feel comfortable, I hardly talk at all.

Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?

And with that. dear readers, you have been given a glimpse into the heart of Anna at Maiden Voyage. So go visit her, and while you are there, check out her incredible photography skills.



Picture editing

This is various editings of an old photo of Brianna (known affectionately as Nana).

This is the original.

Blemish fix, color boost, crop.

cinematic coloring

focal blur

HDR-type coloring and sharpening

my favorite is number 2...what about yours?


From your favorite trio

Fritz, Jamie and Arthur have given you a special treat for voting for Art's Chili Pepper!

Not only do you get an awesome video, you get free signed glossies of the gang!

Congratulations to Mum for finishing in 3rd!


My Silly SIblings

I am very much blessed to have younger siblings with a good sense of humor. The other day, they come to me and Nana with a sheet of notebook paper, where, on the front, in not-so-neatly printed lettering is written:

Guy of Gisbourne
c/o Robin Hood
Please deliver to
Nottingham, UK
immediately, URGENT.
The future of England depends on its speed of delivery ;)

As they watch Nana and I reading it, they squeal like adorable, dirty (they'd been in the woods all morning) little hamsters. We opened it and read aloud the note upon which the fate of Nottingham as we know it depended.

**NOTE**While you must have seen the BBC version of Robin Hood with Jonas Armstrong in order to "get" most of the jokes made, there are no spoilers. Unless you consider it a spoiler to know that Guy of Gisbourne wears black, and has long hair.

Here is what it said, and I quote, (my notes are in quotations):

To: Guy of Gisbourne.
Dear Sir,

Hi! (read in a shouty type voice) We want to grace you with our fashion advice! First off, you should wear more than one color. We think that burnt orange and steel blue (re: The Vacation) would flatter your complexion more than black. Try wearing a burnt orange t-shirt and steel blue jeans. We think this would help you feel more cheerful, for the color you wear determines your attitudes. We think you should get a better hairdo, for yours, frankly, is a terrible, utterly disgusting, scary sight. No wonder no one likes you, and Marion prefers Robin Hood. Please take this advice very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very serious, and good advice.
Thank you,
Marion of Knighton (Emma) ,  Alan-A-Dale (Aedan) , and Will Scarlett (Nathaniel).

Tell me they're not funny!

Strolling Down Memory Lane

We made a video a while ago of Gonzo the Great singing this song. You can watch the video we made:

However, this isn't what I was writing about...

When digging through our hardrive for some "Grouchy & Grumpy" sketches that had been recorded but not edited (if you would like to know what this is, click here: Grouchy and Grumpy), I came across a lot of old pictures. Talk about Auld Lang Syne!

Here are some comparison photos:
Look at my little friend from Just Photos By Susan

And what about my little brothers?



And my little Sam? Well...


See these little beauties?
They're big beauties now!

I hate to sound old, but THIS use to constitute "the little guys":

Now, however, it's this:

Sometimes it's wonderful to take a "stroll down memory lane", remembering the good times, laughing over embarrassing photos, generally smiling on the "good old days". Just don't forget to come back to the "Good NOW days". It's the only place you can be.

Until next time,

A picture is worth a thousand words-

And these speak for themselves! (mostly)

this proves that I'm crazy :)

Emma makes an awesome agent #99

hip hooray, the gang's all here!

have you seen anything more adorable than that look pleading
for salvation from the  "certifiable looney"  photographer?

sam picking black-eyed-susans 
as they're our state flower, they grow wild along highways, back roads, fields, etc.
just not in our garden!

(I love his little knickers...doesn't he remind you of Christopher Robin?)

And just in case you didn't get the hint that I was crazy, I edited an already-horrible picture of myself,  "signed" it and dedicate it to you! In case you're wondering about the outfit, here's the story.
Quite often, when Pa and Mama go on dates, I'll come to the table dressed as some outlandish character, mostly because I love to hear the kids laugh, partly because I just love doing it. Augusta showed up about a year ago, and this picture in documented proof of my lunacy. The hat was actually a gift from a friend, a cream hat with a tan band. (Yep, I edited the hat colors, too.) And technically my shirt is red...did you know that on Picmonkey you can use the lip tint in strange colors for nearly everything? Great stuff, that.

Anyway, there are the pictures. And they really are worth a thousand words.

Updated deadline!- Vote!

The FBI has classified info for those in the know. You can watch the your-eyes-only video message here:


Watch it live here:


Voting...yes, another reminder

I know you all are going to think I'm going insane: "What do you mean 'Kaitlin posted THREE times in one day' ?????!!!!!?????"

Yeah. That was my reaction too. But it is really, Really, REALLY important that you vote for mom...it will make me happy...and Arthur, too!

Summer Olympics 2012

To all of Fritz, Jamie & Arthur (but especially Arthur)'s adoring fans:

A new movie! Yes! In honor of the London Olympics the trio to rival Moe, Larry & Curly have put together a video funnier than any starring Grouchy, Harpo, & Chico!

And you can watch it right here!

Until next time,

Vote early and often!

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Hello everyone!
Long time, no post,  I know. I'm afraid with everything I do, blogging gets put pretty low on my priorities list. 
One thing I've been very busy doing is spending time with my siblings. And one thing we love to do together is make movies!
We just put up some new ones I think you, my dear readers, would like! There are eight videos on this channel:

For videos I did before we invented 42 Studios, go here: This link will take you to my YouTube channel These videos aren't as good...Two heads really are better than one... and seven is fantastic!


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Here is a video that we all had fun making last Saturday. It is of Casting Crowns' song "Angel".

Here are the lyrics of the song:

It was a day
Just like any other day
I was a boy
Just like every other boy

But when the girl
Unlike any I had seen
It's like she stepped out of a dream
And into my world

Could have been the summer wind
Playing with her hair
As the sun danced in her eyes
We were standing there

She smiled I forgot my name
'Cause all I was thinking

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm praying
That an angel will love me
An angel will love me

Maybe I'm a fool but I'm still falling
Asking heaven above me
For an angel to love me
The rest of my life

You're the proof that the Father answers prayers
'Cause somehow someway
You and I are standing here

[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/angel-lyrics-casting-crowns.html ]
With the sacred promise
And a ring that says it all
I've just begun to fall
From the deepest part of me I say I do

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm praying
That an angel will love me
An angel will love me

Maybe I'm a fool but I'm still falling
Asking heaven above me
For an angel to love me
The rest of my life
After all the changing seasons
Have turned to years
The crowns are gone
And the suns have faded

I'd still be here
Holding you
When thanking heaven
For my angel

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm praying
That an angel will love me
An angel will love me

Maybe I'm a fool but I'm still falling
Asking heaven above me
For an angel to love me
The rest of my life

Such a powerful message of unending true love, the kind of love the Father has for us.


I WON, giveaway alerts

Yes, ma'am. I hardly ever win...so it was exciting to hear that I had won the necklace that was Unsinkable's December giveaway. Isn't it beautiful?

So, point is, you have a chance to win something else... Actually 5 something else (s)...

My Mom has absolutely fallen in love with these. She's always loved anything tea-related: cups, saucers, pots, cozies, little cookies, madelines, petite fours, etc. So, don't tell her (actually she already knows but has promised to forget) that if I win this one...hey one can hope ;}... they will be her Mother's Day gifts!

Elizabeth Rose, I'm really looking forward to Violets Are Blue coming to print. Historical fiction is a favorite around here. 

Thanks again, girls!