Crisp Autumn Days

Autumn is my favorite season. Of course, I'll only say that until Winter sets in, then Winter will be my new favorite season!

Here are some reasons why I love Fall:

Our red shed against the trees

the tall trees across the road from us

how the leaves of our cherry tree turn red on the outside and green on the inside


Check out the leaves on this dogwood:

the many bright colors of fall!!!

mums, in red


white and


Dahlias in white,


More on this list would include:

apple cider

apple pie

leaf piles

sedum flowers


toasted pumpkin seeds

cozy winter carrot soup

flannel pj's

hay wagon rides


hymn sings by the fire

the wood stove

oatmeal buffet for breakfast

and probably much more!

What are YOUR favorite  things about Autumn??