Summer Saturday Book Lists!

Welcome, readers!

For each week of this summer, I will post a review on a books I've read this summer. All kind of genres will be included! Be sure to join us each Saturday Summer 2010!!

Week 1
Title:  The Clocks

Author:  Agatha Christie (literary genius)

Genre: Mystery, Murder

Main Character(s):  Hercule Poirot, Inspector Dick Harcastle, Colin Lamb, Shelia Webb

Storyline: A unidentified dead man; four clock all set for the same, but the wrong, time; an underground informant; a blind woman in whose house the body is found, an ill neighbor, a "cat lady", a girl who doesn't like her name...but nothing is too hard for Hardcastle! However, semi-retired Hercule Poirot gets his teeth into the case, too, though reluctantly. Will the mystery be solved before a double murder is committed?

My ratings:
Overall: 10*s! (did I say yet that this woman was a genius?!)

Plot: 8* (a great story)

Suspense: 6* (not too suspenseful)

Any questions? Leave a comment...nice try: I'm not going to ruin the ending!!