Meet K

Maryland, USA

I am, the oldest of 10 (1 waiting in heaven), a radical, fanatical, and intentional Christian.

I believe in the Awesome Creator God, eternal life, and Jesus' redemptive blood. And grace. A lot of grace.
I'm a home school graduate, and now run my own business, A Stitch in Lives. (see the tab labelled "A Stitch In Lives")
My siblings and I make movies. You can watch them on YouTube (link below; 42 Studios).
I'm crazy. No, really I am. Ask anyone you like.
I have a strong and everlasting imagination.
I believe that coffee makes the world go 'round.
Chocolate with it is even better.
I'm a dabbler. If it's been done, I've probably at least attempted it.
I play the piano and the flute.
Randomly bursting into song is my forte.
So is randomly donning a British accent.
I'm passionate about everything I'm passionate about and won't give a second glance to anything else.

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