Happy Sister's Day!

A few years ago, Brianna, Emma and I made an observation. Mothers and Fathers, war Veterans, and even business associates have their own day- a day to honor them. However, sisters and brothers have no holiday. The people we are most around; some of the key people who shape us into what we are and will become are not recognized by the masses.

In all our observations, we came to the conclusion that if no one would stand up, if no one would fight, if no one would not take notice of these moving people that change the world, we must start a movement! We would observe a day for our siblings, to prove the world how influential and wonderful our brothers and sisters are!!

Emma said it best she stated, "Let's make a Sister's Day and a Brother's Day!" Then we settled into choosing a date. After some minor deliberation, we settled on May 5th for Sister's Day (it was the same month as Mother's Day) and Brother's Day was to be celebrated on June 5th (the same month as Father's Day).

So join me in celebrating sisterhood today! Call her up, write a note, give a small gift...you'll think of something; be creative! If you don't have a sister, borrow one for the day, find a sister in Christ, and tell her how much she means to you!

What I'm going to do is tell you all what my sister's have done for me:


the practical one

thank you for being my support and always providing good common sense!


the loving one

thank you for being a comfort and for your spiritual guidance and prayers!


the frivolous one

thank you for showing me that life isn't always serious and can be lived with gusto!

Love you girls!