"Meet me in St Louie, Louie, Meet me at the FAIR.."

Welcome to the Great Blogger Fair (GBF)!!!!!!!!
Here is my entry:
A Susan Pevensie Costume!!
(The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian)
Here is the whole dress

Here is the over-bodice (also called a cuirass)
Cuirass trim detail Scallop on bottom of cuirass detail
lacing on back of cuirass
sleeve trim detail
(this also shows the fabric texture well)
back of dress lacing detail

Dare to Compare!!!

Okay, so mine isn't EXACTLY like hers, but I like it.!!!


Fab Family Friday!

Today I'll talk about my grandmother, Judy. Sweet as can be, Loves the sunshine, Always thinking of others, Loves God, Student of His Word, Promoter of education, A spirit of Love.


One thing I did this week was... LAST WEEK!

One thing I did this week was sorted through old pictures and found an old TIN-TYPE! Here is a picture of it. And a closer view of her face and bodice. This tin-type we guessed to be from around 1850. We also had to guess at who it was. Our educated deductions lead us to believe that this is my Great-Great-Grandmother, Anna Beatrice O'Brian, after marriage, she tagged on her husband's name, Leonard. Isn't she so beautiful? I love studying my family's heritage! It's just so facinating to learn about all the history. Who did what, who married who, who gave birth to who, and my favorite, so, how are they related to us? :) I'll try to post more old pictures as I come to them!

Not Me Monday

Usually, I don't do the Not me Mondays. But, over time I have NOT comprise a list of things that I did not do. I did not drink out of the same cup as the baby, after she'd been eating slices of bread. And I did not point out to mom that little pieces of bread and crumbs were not floating in the water. And I didn't say that it would be all right, as long as I rinsed it out first. I most positively would not pick up my brother, in his play clothes and toss him into the above ground swimming pool. I certainly did not laugh when he surfaced and realized I had not put in the ladder so he couldn't get out without asking me. and I did not see the whole family gathered round. Some were not watching at the windows and some were not standing next to me. And they were not laughing, too. We wouldn't be very nice to do that, would we? Nope Not Me!


Fab Family Friday!

Today's Fab Family Friday subject is Miss Ellie!
Ellie is:
Simple and Sweet;
A Lover of music and dancing;
(this is our "iBaby")
Bling loving,
pretty, perfect, princess,
and just plain lovely!
(Ellie with Ella, daughter of Susan who writes"It's What's Happenin'")


What do they think?

I've thought about this... do the actors of Narnia really get what they are representing? I like the way Lucie Manette put it in this post: Read it here!

In comment to her post, did they realize that all reigning equally under Aslan pictures when we will all rule equally under Christ in the Millennial reign. Also, we as children of God are royalty-after all He is the King of kings and LORD of lords!

Furthermore, did they realize that each of them represent a different kind of Christian Life?

Peter The Magnificent represents the victorious christian.

Susan the Gentle represents the sometimes doubtful, always"safe" one who falls away in time of trouble or doubt.

Edmund the Just represents the one who was forgiven much and so loves much, and is always after faithful.
Lucy the Valiant represents (As Lucie pointed out) the ever faithful one with childlike faith, the faith we all are to have and so many times fail so utterly.

Lastly, did the director, Andrew Adamson, realize all he was telling them to do? He so vibrantly captures so much and yet is CLUELESS!

Sad, but true...


Tag! Your It! Tuesday

Brianna put out an "open invite" tag. (Click here to read hers) The rules are this. Pick 3 book characters (from 3 different books), post a picture of each and write 3 interesting facts about that person.
Here it goes!
My first character is the Great Detective
Hercule Poirot.
1) He is of Belgain nationality
2) His best friend is Captain Arthur Hastings, former British army Captain in India
3) He is EXTREMELY particular about his "twin moustaches" looking just so!

My next character is...

Snow White

1) All of her clothes in Disney's version, peasent's and princess's, are of German background.

2) In the Grimm's version (less romantic, and more practical) she didn't actually have to be kissed to break the spell of the poisioned apple. The Prince saw her in her coffin, and thought her so beautiful that he wanted to bring her to his castle. When his men were carrying her coffin, one stumbled and dropped his end. When she hit the groung the poisioned bite of apple flew out of her throat and she sat up in surprised wonder. and they lived happily ever after.

3) The wicked queen tried 3 seperate times (in Grimm's version) to be rid of the girl who was claimed by the magic mirror to be the "fairest in the land"

My last person is really 4 children from the same book.

RENYARD (REYNIE) MULDOON (outlined in green)

KATE WEATHERALL (outlined in black)

CONSTANCE CONTRAIRE (outlined in pink)

GEORGE (STICKY) WACHINGTON (outlined in red)

All these kids are great, but my personal favorite is Kate. Here are the three facts about her.

1) She always has with her, hanging from her belt, actually, a metal bucket, painted fire engine red, full of useful things. (rope, pen light, invisible ink, paper, swiss army knife, etc.)

2) Kate wishes her nickname was The Great Kate Weather Machine, until the boys pointed out that it was too long to be a nickname.

3) Her mother died when she was very young, and she doesn't know what happened to her father, so she was put in an orphanage. She ran away from the orphange to join the circus. But they didn't want her so they put her back in the orphanage. THEN, she ran away to the circus, AGAIN. On and on it went until the circus owner decided to save everyone the bother and kept her. It was here she learned all the seemingly impossible feats she displays throughout the books.

Oh and I have to add one more...

4) She, like her name, really can weather it all!

I'll tag Miss Hope, Karlee and Rylie for this fun tag!

One thing I did this week was...

Played Boxcar Children with Emma and the boys.
Here is the inside of the boxcar (actually a shed in our yard that's big enough for storage and play-the same shed that transforms to battlements when we play Narnia)
Here is the kitchen/dining room table
(the kitchen)
(a bed)
The girls all put on kerchiefs,
and we drank milk and ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches. And, of course, no one, I repeat, NO ONE can play boxcar children without their faithful companion, man's best friend, yep, the dog. Just so it is on record, Sam volunteered to be Watch, the Alden's pet. "Watch" sniffs his bone- cleverly made from the head of a croquet mallet!