Voting...yes, another reminder

I know you all are going to think I'm going insane: "What do you mean 'Kaitlin posted THREE times in one day' ?????!!!!!?????"

Yeah. That was my reaction too. But it is really, Really, REALLY important that you vote for mom...it will make me happy...and Arthur, too!

Summer Olympics 2012

To all of Fritz, Jamie & Arthur (but especially Arthur)'s adoring fans:

A new movie! Yes! In honor of the London Olympics the trio to rival Moe, Larry & Curly have put together a video funnier than any starring Grouchy, Harpo, & Chico!

And you can watch it right here!

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Vote early and often!

So listen, Sparky, here's the deal: (10 big brownie points if you can tell me what that quote's from) VOTE FOR MAMA! There are only 2 days  left- including today! Vote every 24 hours per ip address...please!

You can vote here:

click here to vote for the best big-family blog on the world wide web! <-- :)

Or,  visit Mom's blog and link to it from here:

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Hello everyone!
Long time, no post,  I know. I'm afraid with everything I do, blogging gets put pretty low on my priorities list. 
One thing I've been very busy doing is spending time with my siblings. And one thing we love to do together is make movies!
We just put up some new ones I think you, my dear readers, would like! There are eight videos on this channel:

For videos I did before we invented 42 Studios, go here: This link will take you to my YouTube channel These videos aren't as good...Two heads really are better than one... and seven is fantastic!


Vote for Mama!

My Mama, Kathleen @ Arts Chili Pepper has been nominated again! Please give us 10 seconds of your oh-so-valuable time and vote for her here:


Art's Chili Pepper has once again been nominated for the Top 25 Large Family Blogs by Circle of Moms.  If you like what you read here pop over and take time to vote.  If you love what you read post about it on your blog.  If you really love Art's Chili Pepper put a button on your side bar to encourage your readers to take time to vote.

Here's the clever bit.  You can vote once every 24 hours until August 1st so don't forget to stop back every day! Take a moment and go here to vote for ACP.