lazy days of summer?

Summer around here is usually lazy, but this summer I'll be working on school! It's not that I'm not doing well. Actually, it's because of the program I'm using. Penn-foster (http://www.pennfoster.edu/) is a good program, but certainly not Christian. Any way, it's an inexpensive high school (or college) course through the mail or online. It's quite handy to be able to take your test right when your ready and have your results immediately. It's also a self-paced course and gives you 3 years to complete the work. you have your basics, the 3R's plus 5 electives of your choice. The electives are the very last leg of this academic journey. I'm on 3 of 5. They really have and extensive list to choose from. As you could most likely tell from just reading this blog, that I'm better in P.E. or Home EC than in creative writing! But I enjoy being able to write down what I'm thinking about in school, home, family or church. Besides for this, I'll take the kitchen or sewing room and let my sister Brianna handle the computer. You can read her blog a @ http://www,bytheway-nana.blogspot.com/ . Enjoy! P.S.: Brianna is a far better author than I, though her spelling leaves something to be desired.