Dear Life,

You really do like surprises, don't you? When Henry was born, I didn't think it was possible for my life to change so radically, so fast. But his birth was only the beginning, wasn't it?

Of course it was. 

Henry enjoys the local, annual production of Handel's Messiah.

Henry's changed my faith. Two years ago, I never thought I'd pray that a child would have the ability to swallow. But every day, we beg God to teach him how.

On the beach, circa March, 2015

He's changed my definition of excitement. Never in my wildest (okay, maybe wildest, but never in my run-of-the-mill) dreams would I be literally jumping up an down because a baby gained 2 ounces in one day. (Literally--not figuratively.)

Passing the 18 pound mark!

Who would have imagined I'd think of a trip to Wal-Mart, where I didn't even get out of the car, as an incredible field trip? But when Addison spent the summer on immune-suppressing steroids,..I did just that.

Feeding time gets creative during a birthday cake outdoors.

Did I tell you that Henry's changed my priorities? Oh, absolutely, yes, he has. And my outlook. And my vision for the future. And even my thought processes.

Even my concept of time has been effected. You know how little kids measure time by markers- naptime, lunchtime, playtime, storytime, etc. ? In our family, we mark time by Henry's schedule. Naptime, feedingtime, therapytime. You get the idea. 

Balloons are just so...happy.

So, Life, you've thrown some curveballs.

And I catch like a girl.

But, oh, Life, God is good. Isn't it wonderful how He gives grace in time of need? Or didn't I mention that Henry's changed my outlook on trials? Before these days, I knew trials shaped us. But now, I KNOW they shape us. And in ways we never expected. And yet, for the better.

Playing peek-a-boo through a paper towel roll.

These two years have been gut-wrenching. Full of heartache. Pain. Worry. Disillusionment. Stretching. Growth. And, that most-dreaded, change.

And I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Except, maybe, that smile. 

Life, keep those coming.

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